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PU Leather

Soft plush cushioning makes you feel like you're sitting on a cloud. Combined with durable PU poly leather that will stand up to extreme use.

LED Lights

LED cabin lights offer a bright light from overhead to illuminate the keyboard tray. An RGB light belt runs throughout the machine to enhance the user's experience.

Built-in Cup Holder

A retractable cup holder allows you to enjoy a beverage from arm’s length away.

Lightweight Design

Our lightest workstation, weighing in at 242.5 lbs, allows for easy movement across the home or office.

Axis Tilt

A 30° axis tilt allows you to adjust into the position you desire. Along with manual adjustment of the screen, you can always be in a comfortable viewing position.

Keyboard Tray

Comes fully equipped with a swiveling keyboard tray that’s mounted with low-density rubber and cloth material to give the whole tray a mouse pad feel.

Axis Tilt: 30°
Single Screen Support: 22in – 34in (VESA wall hanger required)
Triple Screens Support: 24in – 27in (VESA wall hanger required)
Control Panel: Electric Button System
Monitor Position Adjustment: Manual Control
Cabin Lights: RGB Lights
Voltage: AC220V
Rated Power: 50W

Maximum Size (m): 1.5 x 1.3 x 1.5
Static Size (m): 1.4 x 0.95 x 1.5
Weight: 242.5lbs

Luxury Feeling
The main frame is made of high carbon steel, coating with electroplate spray, showing modest and calm sand texture on its surface. The color options can be basic colors. It takes three sophisticated spraying and polishing techniques to reach the great effect. It Installed the LED lighting system at the curved frame and can control frame colors by infrared remote control.

Customer Photos

Video Demo

Video Demo

This video demo shows the following features:
Handrail height adjustment
keyboard manual adjustment
Recline movment adjustment

IW-C4 Zero G Reclining Gaming Workstation Chair video demo

This Unbox Therapy video demo shows
Samsung CHG90 49" ultra wide screen installed on C4
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